Halloween accident
Where is Ronni?
Winterhaven, AZ

33 degrees C
wish it was winter
Snow in California
Coffee in California
Lavabeds in California
somewhere in PA
Memphis, TN, 1999
Shop in Yuma,AZ
Between San Diego and Yuma
may 2001, 30-33 degrees C
on the road,Follow the pilot
With a ticket you can enter/exit
Mexican border
Mc Donalds sunday morning 8 o'clock
Sandiego bay feb 1999
Virginia Beach,   march 2004
BBQ with José in Carrollton, Virginia march 2004
St Louis, Missouri, near the military barracks
Where do I work during the weekend?
I bought this T-shirt not in the USA but in Arnhem, the Netherlands
groundhogday 2005
feb 2005